Education is about Power and Change

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel" - Socrates

Escape the Rat Race

Where does Be A Wiz get its inspiration from?

The oldest and still one of the most powerful teaching method is the Socratic method. This method is a style of education based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions. Be A Wiz is inspired from Socratic method of teaching where learning is re-in forced through a series of questions.

What is the Be A Wiz learning model?

Be A Wiz is based on a unique 20 step learning model where students learn by attempting a series of questions of varying difficulty. Our score at the end of each learning session is only indicative of student's learning ladder and guide the student to the top over several attempts.

What is the advantage of enrolling in Be A Wiz?

An environment coupled with constant guidance, feedback and support motivates students to persist and gain mastery over topics.

Is this another set of tests that will put students under stress?

Our questions are crafted to delight and engage the students. The Be A Wiz learning experience is student-driven and boosts inspiration, motivates students and enhances the confidence of all learners. In fact, our goal is to turn students into a wiz without them having go through a plethora of practice sheets.

How is this adaptive method different from classroom methods?

Learning patterns vary widely across students and the learning pace of two students is never the same. For this reason learning can be stimulated by presenting appropriate learning materials in terms of complexity of the problem or application of the concept.

Why and who should enroll into Be A Wiz?

Our differentiated learning blocks cater to a diverse set of learners. We challenge a fluent learner and make them outstanding. We take the intermediate learner to higher fluency levels. The beginner learner is led to take the progressive steps of learning. Our intuitive scoring system lets you visualize your progress.

How Does this work ?

Each session is carefully crafted to flow through twenty levels of difficulty. We use the analogy of a child learning to climb a stair one at a time. Some children learn to climb quickly while some may need more guidance at certain stages. We try to replicate this same thought to teach specific topics to children by providing several intermediate steps to guide and steer a student to the top.

The difficulty areas, instruction, and guidance required for any two students to climb from Level 1 to Level 20 are very different. Predictive modeling techniques provide customized, specific and targeted instructions to take the student to the highest level of mastery. Proficiency is not attained in a single session but over several attempts on the same topic.