Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Method

  1. Are adaptive tests offered by Be A Wiz a substitute for main stream learning in schools?
  • Computerized Adaptive Tests offered by Be A Wiz are an addendum to mainstream education and is not a replacement for mainstream education. Students will have to acquire the basic conceptual understanding through mainstream education.


  1. How are adaptive tests different from other tests offered online?
  • Be A Wiz adaptive tests engages and challenges students through a series of questions to take them from lower difficulty levels to the higher difficulty levels. The student is explained the solution upon an incorrect answer and is presented questions to ascertain his understanding at a certain difficulty level.


  1. How does adaptive testing adapt to the response of the user?
  • Adaptive testing captures the response of the users and uses data mining algorithms to learn and extract a pattern and present questions at appropriate difficulty levels.


  1. Does Be A Wiz provide learning content?
  • We do not provide learning media or content. We reinforce learning through questions.


  1. What is the fundamental concept of adaptive test based learning?
  • The key concept is learning through answering questions

Scoring Method

  1. What is the scoring method followed by Be A Wiz?
  • Scores are in range from 0.05 to 1.0. Through the tests we determine the ‘saturation and understanding level’ of the student.


  1. How is the scoring method followed by Be A Wiz different from flat scoring system?
  • Scoring method followed by Be A Wiz does not convey the correct or incorrect responses.


  1. What does a score reveal about the capability of a student?
  • Scoring method followed by Be A Wiz does not convey the correct or incorrect responses nor it is a measure of the intellectual capacity of the child. It determines only the understanding level of the student.



  1. What Syllabus are covered in the tests?
  • Tests cover both ICSE , CBSE, and other syllabi.


  1. What subjects and classes are covered by these tests?
  • Currently we offer tests in Mathematics from classes 6-8.


  1. Are the chapters and sub topics covered by these tests listed on the website?
  • Yes, they are listed on the syllabus page.


  1. What if a school does not teach certain chapters listed in here?
  • Our tests are as per syllabus. Students can skip chapters not taught in school.


Trial Users

  1. What features does Trial usage cover?
  • Trial tests cover chapters 1 and 2 of each grade and score report is presented to the user.


  1. What features are not covered in Trial Membership?
  • Score history and progress is not available in trial membership.


  1. What is the validity of the Trial Membership?
  • Trial Membership does not have a validity period.


Full Membership

  1. What features does full membership cover?
  • Full membership covers accessibility to all the tests in a grade. A student can view his progress over the tests.


  1. What is the validity of the purchased tests?
  • Validity of purchased tests is 6 months for 3, 10 test pack and 12 months for the 20 test pack.


  1. How many tests can a student take after purchasing tests?
  • Users have the option to purchase a test pack of 20 tests or 10 tests 0r 3 tests.


  1. Is there a limit for the number of attempts for a single chapter?
  • A student can attempt a particular test any number of times.